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Data Engineer (Practice Leader)

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About project

At Provectus, we are obsessed with technologies that impact the future of the whole of humanity. Just imagine: AI for curing eye diseases, ML for making factories safe for workers, preventing pandemic spreading etc. It's not about the future, it's about the products we already develop with #ProvectusTeam.

Join us if you have the same passion about making products using AI/ML technologies, cloud services, and data engineering.
Join us if you value a friendly corporate environment, and almost a family-driven approach to every employee.
Join us if you want to grow professionally and ready for learning new things constantly.

A Practice Lead in Provectus is a person who is responsible for a certain Practice growth and people development in that practice.

What is the role of a Practice Leader?

A Practice Leader is the first point of contact for their direct reports, and they liaise and relay information between senior leaders, HR, and engineers. The responsibility list looks like this:
- Recruit, induct and settle new team members in
- Communicate objectives
- Conduct performance reviews
- Review and negotiate compensation
- Conduct interviews, hire and fire
- Lead meetings and one-on-ones
- Identify knowledge gaps and arrange training
- Coach and mentor
- Maintain and evaluate processes
- Engage and coordinate with other managers across the organization
- Communicate mission, vision, and values

About requirements.

The role of a Practice Leader is probably the most important because this is the first line of people management, and it provides things to be done. On the one hand, a PL is a part of the Practice, so this person must be at least senior-level in their specialty. On the other, a Practice Leader is a people manager, so the complete list of requirements looks like the following:
- 5+ years in Data Engineering. Our stack is cloud (preferable AWS), streaming (Apache Kafka,  AWS Kinesis, Apache Flink), and BigData (Apache Spark, Snowflake, AWS Redshift). So the related experience is a must-have.
- Experience in team/department leadership. 
- Experience in DataOps or ML/MLOps would be a significant plus.
- Relationship/team building. Leadership requires building and maintaining a solid and collaborative team of individuals working toward the same goal.
- Ability to teach and mentor. The role assumes providing employees with their career path and helping them achieve goals.
- Diplomatic skills. It means more than just "communication skills" and includes ethics, empathy, compassion, and the ability to resolve conflicts.
- Calmness. People are complicated, and it is required to be ready for any objectives or misunderstandings.

Briefly about us:

Provectus is an Artificial Intelligence consultancy and solutions provider, helping businesses achieve their objectives through AI. We are recognized by industry analysts as a leading provider of AI solutions in specific business domains, driven by sophisticated IT service management and tech innovation. Provectus is a value driver and a trusted partner for our clients and employees.

We are waiting for you to become a part of our team!

We are waiting for you to become a part of our team!