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We are obsessed about
leveraging cloud, data and AI

To reimagine the way businesses operate, compete, and deliver customer value.

We design and build AI solutions, using Data and Machine Learning foundation, Cloud transformation, and DevOps adoption. Besides, we help our clients with a range of other technical challenges.


in 2010


Around 600 employees
and growing


AWS Consulting
Partner, Premier Tier


Around 200 AWS
Certifications &

Our solutions bring value to
our clients and society

Huge amount of our solutions or projects brings value not only to our clients but to society as well. Imagine AI for curing eye diseases, ML for making factories safer for workers, preventing vision loss, and reducing the spread of disease. It’s not about the future, it’s about the products we’ve already developed with

✌️ #ProvectusTeam

Machine Learning Infrastructure
for Vision Screening

GoCheck Kidsd enables faster ML experimentation, increases the recall of ML models by 3x


ML-powered Disease
Screening Platform

Pr3vent scales newborn screening and combats preventable vision loss with Machine Learning


Minimize disease transmission
risk for your customers and

Lower risk of worker injuries through AI-driven computer vision and image analysis

We care about #opensource

Our goal is to help the tech community solve problems and overcome obstacles, quickly and easily.


ODD Platform

Open Data Discovery Platform: Next-Gen Data Observability and Reliability


Kafka UI

A free open-source web UI for monitoring and management of Apache Kafka clusters


Swiss Army Kube (SAK)

An open-source IaC (Infrastructure as Code) collection of services for quick


An open source, Enterprise Grade Model Management Platform


SAK Kuberflow

Deploy Kubeflow on AWS EKS with Swiss Army Kube using Terraform

Join Provectus and contribute
to #opensource

We support our team members who would like to give back to the community and build open source solutions


Work from where it WORKS for you.
Provectus offers a hybrid work model to our employees. You can work from
home, office or combine both. Choose the best option for you.

Odesa, Ukraine 🏠 x2
Kyiv, Ukraine
Costa Rica, Central America
Toronto, Canada
Palo Alto, California, United States
Dallas, Texas, United States
Antalya, Turkey
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Krakow, Poland
Wrocław, Poland
Yerevan, Armenia
Medellin, Colombia
Novi Sad, Serbia

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