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Determine, a Corcentric company is a global provider of industry-leading cloud solutions that help organizations gain complete visibility into their data; turn it into valuable insights, and achieve total control to make more intelligent confident business decisions. Through end-to-end source-to-pay and contract management, our next-generation tools empower you to proactively eliminate risks, cut costs and save money.


  • Strong understanding of how browser code works but focused on back-end services using a shared codebase in JavaScript last version
  • Agile building of services to support rich UI’s. Use cases are mostly led by UI/UX so we need someone who can collaborate well with a UI team.
  • Strong skills in Node-js, including experience deploying projects into production and maintaining production upgrades over time.
  • Works with a team of senior-level people who build a combination of common code base as well as app-specific code.
  • Should have demonstrable skills in deploying to either Node-js on virtual servers such as EC2, or just as well on AWS Lambda
  • Can write in Microservices style or fully deployed servers, and has the mental flexibility to do both. (not someone who is fixed in wanting to do microservices only).

Will be a plus

  • Desired:
  • * Experience in batch processing, data transformation, and message queues.
  • * Experience in real-time services such as chat and collaborative editing (similar to Google Docs / Sheets with multiple users editing same data at the same time)
  • * REST API development on Node-js
  • Specific packages on Node-js:
  • * Express REST APIs
  • * SocketCluster highly desired, or at least Socket-io experience.
  • Desired AWS Experience:
  • * Lambda / JS
  • * S3
  • * Document DB (Mongo DB is a suitable alternative)
  • * SQS is nice to have.
Node.js Developer
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